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Thaliyola Infotech Private Limited is an Indian software development company that takes tremendous pride in its people and products that are constantly exploring the potential for information technology to redefine the terms of teaching and learning. Technology is a tool — a means rather than an end. Using technology effectively in the classroom means transforming the classroom digitally to an atmosphere of participation rather than instruction. Productive use of technology does not mean using it solely to help slow students catch up, to occupy quick achievers, to reward good behavior, or to baby-sit. Where technology is yielding results, the classrooms are student-centered, with teachers as coaches and guides. Outside resources come to class and students go outside the classroom. Technology allows engagement, review, and especially assessment in broader, deeper ways.  

Set up by a team of technocrats with extensive hands-on experience in serving the IT needs of the education sector right from small-town schools to vast multi-campus universities both within India and abroad, our mission is to identify unused or unexplored opportunities to strengthen teaching and learning through the use of information technology. Our goal is to reach these new methods, outcomes, and advancements in teaching and learning to our customers large and small, cost-effectively. Our focus is on exploring the potential for technology to redefine the terms of teaching and learning. Our vision is to help schools and universities not only find ways to use technology creatively to save money but also to achieve academic excellence, efficiently. 
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Through our collective, extensive experience in serving the educational sector, we have observed that very often, institutions seem to have found money for hardware, but have invested only meagerly, if at all, in training teachers to use the technology that goes hand-in-glove with it for effective outcomes. The education sector has no systemic approach to upgrading the skills of its professionals in both pre-collegiate and higher education. If done at all, in-service technology training for teachers has been limited in number served and scope, traditional in its delivery (typically one-time sessions), or left primarily to individual teacher initiative. Training typically has not helped teachers understand how to integrate technology into the curriculum. 

Constructive Learning via
Participative Instruction

The Digital Linguistic Mentor (DLM) is a revolutionary software-driven language learning laboratory that blends time-tested methodologies with interactive technology to deliver a superb teaching and learning experience. The methodology is LSRW or Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing in tandem with appropriate learning materials brought to you through easy-to-use yet state-of-the art information technology that is preprogrammed to run seamlessly across multiple operating systems while making the learning process interactive and enjoyable. DLM is indeed an effective evaluation tool for the mentor and an efficient communication boon for the mentee.